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Report - Investigation of Conditions at Dove Hill
Posted 06/14/2018 02:35PM

On February 16, 2018, the Evergreen School District received a letter from Cal-OSHA that a complaint had been filed alleging that the conditions at Dove Hill E.S. have violated Safety Orders found in Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations.The alleged condition and code section follow:

  1. Potential concern with portable classroom having possible mold from water intrusion (Reference:Title8CCR 3362)
  2. Potential concern with possible rodents (mice) in the workplace from rain. (Reference:Title 8CCR 3362)
  3. Potential concern with standing water in the workplace from rain.(Reference:Title 8CCR 3203)
  4. Potential concern with air condition/heating system not being maintained. (Reference:Title 8CCR 5142)

Cal-OSHA required that we perform an investigation, notify them if the conditions exist, and, if so, specify the corrective actions.

We provided Cal-OSHA with the following as part of our response:

  1. October 8, 2016 Quarterly Report on the Williams Uniform Complaints
  2. Purchase order and invoices for Z-Con Specialty Services, Inc. for the cleaning services
  3. Purchase order for Seward L. Shreder Construction, Inc. for the work to replace the ceiling tile
  4. Purchase order and invoices for AZDOC Inc. for the Mold Sampling and Inspection
  5. Service slips and invoices for Kilroy Pest control
  6. Service order and invoices for All Bay Mechanical, Inc.
  7. Dove Hill filter change schedule
  8. The District's procedures for submitting a work order (power point training presentation)
  9. A copy of the District's Uniform Complaint procedures

As a follow up to the aforementioned, we had testing performed in all the classrooms to make sure that the cleaning performed had taken and that there were no new issues.It was found that some spores were detected at extremely low levels on the interior of the classrooms that were not detected on the exterior of the classrooms.Because of the anomalous findings, it is suggested that we do a thorough cleaning of all the classrooms, use HEPA filters for the HVAC units (we do already), have the units on a continuous flow cycle while class is occupied, open windows and doors to air out the rooms and discontinue the use of oil base air fresheners.

We will have the classrooms tested one more time before the end of the summer to make sure all measures have worked.

See full report, 1. and 2.

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